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More About Jacobs
Jacobs Technology Inc. is the advanced technology arm of Jacobs Engineering (NYSE: JEC), one of the nation's largest engineering and technical services-only companies.  With 70+ years of experience supporting Government and commercial clients, we have earned a reputation for excellence and outstanding technical and managerial achievements in quality, performance, and safety.  Jacobs Technology currently comprises more than 12,000 employees and produces annual revenues exceeding $2B.
Our partnership with NASA dates to the Mercury Program and has increased dramatically within the last decade – from 1,300 professionals solely dedicated to supporting NASA programs to more than 5,400 professionals located at 10 major NASA centers and sites.  Overall, our support includes research and development, spacecraft systems development, comprehensive engineering support, scientific research and applications, payload development and integration, information technology, facilities management and operation and maintenance, and business services.
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