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 Why You Should Choose Us

We believe in providing every employee with challenging tasks, real authority within their span of control and the support to grow and develop. Our approach stimulates people to stretch their skills and increase their capacity to contribute to the organization. Since the inception of the Huntsville Chamber’s “Best Places to Work” in 2008, we have won this award twice in the large business category. One of our core values is “People Are Our Greatest Asset,” so come join the winning team that will take your career to new heights!
  • You’ll be part of an increasingly diverse workforce and inclusive culture that values our differences as individuals
  • You’ll become part of a goal-oriented organization that fosters employee development and individual career success
  • You’ll work with engineers and scientists who have a passion for excellence and a willingness to accept the challenges of finding better ways to do things
  • We operate our business within a culture that believes in constant respect for people and ethical behavior by all
  • We encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing our employees with the benefits and tools they need to achieve personal success
  • We grow future leaders, improve workforce diversity, and expand training opportunities
  • You’ll have an opportunity to make a difference and to lend a hand to others in your local community
All of this creates an exciting and rewarding work environment.
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