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If you missed any of our previous presentations, please click on the "Webinar Archives" button on this page and follow the instructions to view the presentations.  We encourage Universities/Colleges to review the information and use in your classrooms at any time.

 Past Events

 Jacobs ESTS Speed Mentoring - Feedback In A Flash!

On February 28, 2011 the Jacobs ESTS Diversity (JEDI) Council sponsored a Jacobs ESTS Speed Mentoring event geared toward promotion diversity and inclusion in our professional development approach and leadership styles.  For the 2011 inaugural session, twenty participants were selected from registrations submitted.  The JEDI Council also selected ten mentors of diverse backgrounds and leadership positions.  Mentees were paried with three mentors and each mentor met individually with their mentees for seven minutes.  A social hour was provided at the conclusion of the event to allow for more networking.


The speed mentoring event was highly successful based on evaluation feedback received from the participants and their mentors.  The inaugural session received an overall average of 92% out of a possible 95% based on the following criteria:  organization, materials provided, new contacts made, information shared and learned.  It provided opportunities for the leadership and technical team to meet with employees they may not have met otherwise and the same benefit was mentioned for the mentees.


Denise Malone, JEDI Council Chair, Takes 1st Place in NASHRM Diversity Essay Contest!

Denise Malone received top honors for her essay "Changing Mindsets Leads to an Inclusive Culture" at NASHRM's Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast held on October 19.  The essay focused on an HR professional's role in encouraging and motivating senior management to promote diversity and inclusion in their company's culture.  Click here to view the winning essay!

College Students Get a Taste of Life on the ESTS Contract

During the week of August 9, the Jacobs ESTS Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Council sponsored a job shadowing program geared toward female and minority college freshmen and sophomores which allowed these students to explore their career interests in a realistic job setting.

In the pilot session, five participants were selected from applications submitted by their universities and they were paired with mentors from across the contract in their areas of interest. The students learned about the Jacobs ESTS Contract, including our Safety and Performance Management approaches during the orientation, but most of the week was spent shadowing ESTS mentors on-site in various directorates.

Overall, students and mentors had positive things to say about the program. Click here to view student comments. Click here to view pictures of the students and mentors in action.


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