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 Diversity Reading Room

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Generational Differences in the Workplace
... For the first time in our history there are four distinct generations working and that has caused some of the difficulty. Once one learns what another generation values to be important, what their communication style is, and a bit of their history, it is easier for all of us to work together. Generations can get along in the workplace but special attention is given to two groups that have more friction than any other: the Baby Boomers and Gen X.

Do Generational Differences Impact the Workplace?
A manager today must be aware and sensitive to the diversity in the workplace. Diversity includes age, and both age and generational differences seem to be gaining notoriety recently with references to the aging workforce, post-retirement second careers, the focus on quality of life issues, and the number of FORTUNE 500 CEOs under 40.

Learn to Harness the Full Potential of a Diverse Workforce
You can take full advantage of the workforce's ever-increasing diversity by learning how to manage diversity more effectively. Here are six steps you can take to become a better diversity manager.

Manage Successfully in Today's Diverse Workplace
The demographic makeup of companies is changing -- and diversifying. Here are some of the factors that are creating change in even the most diversity-passive companies.

Supporting Workstyles
When most people see the words “workplace diversity” they visualize people with a mixture of ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and body size. And, in most workplaces when desiring a “big picture perspective” it is considered wise to seek out a diverse population for their opinions, perspectives and expertise. Interestingly, the dictionary defines diversity as “the condition of being different.” With that in mind, a more inclusive concept of workplace diversity can include unique workstyles, experiences and behaviors. The following two scenarios explore some of these differences.

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